We offer free community education through partnerships and by request. These will *not* provide legal advice to any person. These presentations are an opportunity for your group, church, association, or community to learn about basic legal tools and how they can help avoid risks and provide greater stability.

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Presentations are limited to:


Expanded community legal education can help Oregonians of limited means better meet their legal needs. Nationwide, up to half of American households are conservatively estimated to have a civil legal need at any given time. Accessible information can point people in the right direction, such as to reputable websites, free and reduced price legal clinics, and volunteer lawyers. Basic education can provide the to-do list for common legal issues, giving people an opportunity to be more efficient consumers of legal services.

The Institute’s fellows will provide community-based legal education. Fellows, in consultation and collaboration with community leaders, will develop materials, presentations, workshops, and test clinics. The Institute, a self-proclaimed legal services lab, will experiment to deliver effective, relevant, and beneficial community legal education. Doing this work will help fellows develop a practice meeting the needs of those who face barriers to basic legal services.

Community legal education will use plain language forms to make things like complicated ideas, convoluted systems, or regulatory requirements more understandable. Embracing technology can enable the Institute to provide remote educational opportunities, like video conferencing in to a community center in one of Oregon’s distressed rural counties.  Some community education can be shared through the web, including digital guides, blogs, webinars, videos, podcasts, and more.

Expanded community legal education can also help people self-serve to meet some of their legal needs and understand their options.

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