Catalyst Law Institute a new approach to addressing the access to justice gap. Our mission is to revolutionize access to and delivery of basic legal services, information, and support for underserved people, businesses, and nonprofits. In Fall 2017 the Institute plans to hire its first three Fellows; recent law graduates with a strong desire to do public interest work with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Fellows will be full-time, salaried staff members with revenue as well as community engagement and education targets. Fellows can stay a maximum of three years with the Institute. Starting salary will range between $40,000 – $50,000, depending on funding and the success of our fee-for-service model.

Ideal candidates will be: enthusiastic about improving workflow, process, and program design to expand access; comfortable working with diverse audiences and interested in expanding their own cultural competency; at ease giving public presentations and educational seminars; socially driven; adaptable; emotionally intelligent; kind; representative of Oregon’s growing diversity; and willing to help build an organizational model that can transform the legal services market in Oregon.

Fellows will spend approximately 50% of their time providing legal services, 30% providing community legal education, and 20% developing and adapting the programs and systems that drive costs down and access up.

Please check out the Catalyst Law Institute 2017 Fellowship Application. Please be mindful that no open positions are guaranteed by Fall 2017 but depend on available funding, including fee-for-service revenue.


More Information

Up to three-year fellowships for recent law school graduates offer new lawyers practical training, support the legal needs of middle income Oregonians, help and close the gap between civil legal aid and market rate legal services. Developing and delivering effective community legal education can ground fellows in understanding the barriers people face while trying to access legal services. Fellowships will give new lawyers experiences that enhance their public speaking, outreach, and teaching skills.

A senior in-house staff attorney will provide law practice training to fellows and supervise their legal work, including document drafting and review, client management, and determining the scope of legal services to be provided. The members of Catalyst Law, LLC will provide some training to Fellows. Continuing Legal Education courses and brownbag training lunches with experienced lawyers in the community will offer more opportunities for training.

The Institute will build a community of mentor-lawyers fellows can call upon for practice advice and mentorship. Fellows will have a mentor through the Oregon State Bar’s mandatory mentorship program for new lawyers. Fellows involved with other community-minded legal organizations (such as voluntary bar associations) may have additional mentors.

Fellows will engage with communities and embrace technology. As a legal service lab, the Institute’s team will provide legal services with an eye toward innovation. The legal services market isn’t working for most people. The Institute can offer and test innovations like unbundling, online support, alternative fee arrangements, and other results-oriented approaches. Robust community engagement can help the Institute provide relevant, efficient services to modest means clients.

Fellows will be trained to understand the Institute’s business model; in part to better ensure its viability and in part to prepare them to sustain their own practices. They will work toward annual fee-for-service revenue goals, which provide sustainable funding to cover the organization’s operational costs.

After a three-year fellowship fellows will have the tools necessary to continue serving the legal needs of middle income Oregonians, whether at a firm, as their own small business owner, or with a nonprofit or government.

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